Making a Difference for Troubled Teens

As I have worked with Oxbow over the last six years, I always felt like we were making a difference. But I always wondered how much of a difference we were making with our boys. I wanted to be able to measure the difference between a boy when he first came through our doors, and when he completed the program. For the past three months I have been able to administer the outcome tools that were able to confirm my initial feelings.

As our students participate periodically in our outcome studies, it is clear that we are making a difference in their lives. Although we are still in the beginning stages of our studies, we are able to see significant differences in our students as they allow the therapeutic process to heal their lives and their relationships. I am excited to see where our outcomes take us in the future and how we may be able to use it to fine tune our treatment. – Alan Kendall, East Campus Residential Director