Oxbow Academy specializes in treatment for teen boys ages 12-18 dealing with sexual addictions, pornography addiction, compulsive behaviors and/or other concerns.


When it comes to treatment for sexual addiction, abuse, porn, or other behavioral concerns, What should I know?

First, you are not alone. Thousands of families are struggling with these same concerns. While curiosity and experimentation are normal stages of adolescent development, the rapid expansion of technology and media has exposed teens to sexual content at an earlier and earlier age. This early exposure to sexuality, as portrayed in the media, is impacting the fluid nature of young brain development.

Addressing a child’s sexual concerns is difficult for most parents. But it’s a problem many families face. With the increase of sexual content on the Internet and other forms of media, experts say they have seen a 30% rise in sexually related behavioral issues among teen boys.

Do you as a parent always seem to be in a game of “Cops & Robbers” with your teen? Has your teen been caught viewing porn, even though you put blocks on the computer? Has your teen used his gaming system or other hand held devices to view porn? Has he been caught at a neighbor’s house or grandparent’s house viewing pornography? Does he have access to technology in his room? Does he get angry or threaten others when you put restrictions on his technology use?

If you answered yes to any of these, the issue isn’t the porn use as much as it is the level of risk and the compulsive thought process driving the need for more porn. When risk is mentioned, it is the risk of alienating parents and family relationships in order to view porn. The latest research has demonstrated that the viewing of pornography affects the brain in much the same way as heroin and other substances. Can you imagine if your son was exposed to heroin at 10, 11 and 12 years of age?

If your child is struggling with issues related to sexual abuse, porn addiction or other compulsive behaviors, specialized treatment is available. Just as with substance abuse, sexual concerns are secretive, shameful and progressive. This is why specialized care, with professionals who are experienced in working with these issues, is necessary.

Where Can I Turn?

Oxbow Academy is a specialized Residential Treatment Center specifically designed to help teens and their families cope with these sensitive issues. Oxbow is one of only a handful of programs in the country specifically designed to offer treatment for sexual addiction, sexual abuse, pornography abuse and other compulsive behavior issues. With a CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) clinical director and therapists at Oxbow, you can expect the best when it comes to knowledge and addiction treatment. Oxbow is also the only treatment facility that specifically treats students that suffer with co-morbid concerns of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Sex-specific treatment – one where students can address their issues without fear or shame is the goal. Our safe environment is the first step in acknowledging and abandoning inappropriate sexual thoughts and behaviors.

How Do I Know?

As a parent…you know. You may not want to know it’s more serious…but you know. You sense it, you feel it. Oxbow Academy is not here to convince you your son needs sex specific treatment. We are here, however, to assist you and your family in getting to the truth of the situation and begin the healing process. There has most likely been years of lies, family discord and stressful interactions. You may have discussed this situation with friends or even professionals. They have said it’s probably just a phase. You want to believe it is a phase. They mentioned that it’s just a normal part of adolescence…but, you know deep down it isn’t.

With more than ten years experience, Oxbow therapists understand sexual behavioral concerns and the impact it has on the family. Our team of experienced professionals will guide parents through the steps of assessment, treatment, and aftercare.
We have worked with hundreds of parents and their sons, helping them develop healthy coping and living skills.

What Should I Do?

This website will provide you with honest answers and reliable guidance.

If you would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, we invite you to call our Admissions Director at 855-676-4272

Five Stars

Hi Todd. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but we met when I toured Oxbow a little over a year ago. I am the clinical director for the…program here in the…area. We have been working with…since January 2013. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy having him with us here, and thank you guys for all the work you did in helping him progress to the point we took up the baton. He has really done well here with us, and has grown into a very responsible young adult. The mission statement you helped him create and live by has been an effective compass for him to navigate the challenges of young adulthood. He also wanted to say hi to you, Tiffany and the gang at Oxbow. Here he is….

“–Staff, Therapists, Teachers, Administrators… With some of you I’ve kept in touch, the remainder I regret to say I’ve lost contact with. I hope you all realize how significant of an impact was made in my life through your guidance. Naturally, everyone had a different part. Collectively, however, the work everybody’s put into me (through serious patience) brought me to much needed mental and emotional stability prior to my departure into [Name Omitted] for the next chapter of my life, or perhaps what I should call the beginning. From here has my progress in all fields of life exponentially grown; to whom else can I give credit but to the ones who got the ball rolling in the first place? Thank you, everyone.”

Well done Oxbow! We will keep you updated!

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