A holiday tradition to spruce up December! Happy Holidays from Oxbow Academy!

The Holiday Season is a time for Traditions and we have a unique tradition we like to do every year; The Cutting of the Christmas Tree. You might think what is so special about cutting down a Christmas Tree? If you have ever had the opportunity to go hiking in the Mountains full of Pine Trees and freshly fallen snow you might understand a little bit of our tradition.
The first week of December we like to go out to find that perfect Christmas Tree for the Facility. The students get ready in their warm winter clothes knowing it could take some time before they find that perfect tree. Excitement is high as they are almost ready to go, putting on the final touches of gloves and boots to load up in the van. Driving up the winding canyon looking at the freshly fallen powdered snow they are watching out for the best Christmas Tree the mountains have to offer. After wading around in the sometimes knee high snow they find the tree that they want to take back as their prize for their efforts of the day. Sawing down the tree they start their way back to the van dragging the tree behind them glad that the snow has provided a way to transport it easily.
After getting the tree back to the facility now they can begin the setting up and decorating of the tree. Working together to decorate the Christmas Tree the students get a sense of what Christmas is about Family, Service, Love and Hope. The Christmas Tree stands tall in the house to remind them this month of what the Christmas Season means.