Tequila – Equine Therapy

Tequila is a big personality and very expressive! She is very good at helping the boys learn how to read body language. There have been studies about the perceptiveness of animals and especially horses when it comes to working with humans and Tequila is the master of this! She will let the boys know if they are uncomfortable or lack confidence. Tequila is a tough horse with a keen insight for weaknesses in authority or expectations and pushes the boys to be open and confident in their communication with her. So much of how a horse responds during a therapy session is based upon the attitude of the young man working with the horse that day. When there are issues, the horse can detect that and may respond poorly, reflecting back to the young man in a way he can understand and make a change in a safe environment.

Our Equine Therapists


  • Each boy works Directly with their therapist and our Equine director Britta and her husband Tony. Please visit our staff page and find your son’s therapist bio there!
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