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Annie is a big part of our Equine Therapy team!

Much of our success with our students in the Equine Therapy program is a direct result of our great horses! Annie has been a big part of our program from the beginning. Annie is one of our broodmares (pronounced Br-ew-d, m-air), kept for breeding, and has been the mother of some of our foals (baby horses) we have used in our yearly imprinting experiences (see our video on imprinting below!). Annie works well with stubborn boys because she’s not phased by much, she’s a very level-headed horse and simply not reactive. Working with these intelligent animals becomes a valuable tool for our therapists and equine directors who strive to help our young men. There is a science behind this type of therapy and we enjoy sharing new research and insights into why horses are an integral part of our program.

Some horses, like Annie, are less reactive to emotions which can be a valuable tool when working with highly anxious boys…

Anyone who was around regularly with horses would recognise that their behaviour had a “marked impact” on the animals.
“But it’s fascinating to see this tested scientifically; it’s an interesting insight into the relationship between horse and human.” -Prof Debra Archer, an equine veterinary surgeon at the University of Liverpool

We love working with Annie and invite you to come out and meet her in person!

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  • Each boy works Directly with their therapist and our Equine director Britta and her husband Tony. Please visit our staff page and find your son’s therapist bio there!

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