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Learn a little more about Oxbow Academy and our residential treatment center. We specialize in working with teens who have struggled with sexual abuse, sexual addiction, pornography addiction or other compulsive behaviors. You may also enjoy a simple post about a weekend activity or other therapeutic activity at our program.

Troubled Teens Play Ball!

On June 29th, we had our monthly bonus activity – the one we have when none of the students have acted out.  After several different activities were thrown on the table we decided on playing softball.  The admissions team, mentors and students...
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Courageous Parents and Troubled Teens

     Yesterday on the news there was a story about family vacationing in Southern Utah. They were around a creek that, due to the high run off this year in Utah, was more like a river of fast moving water. The news report showed a water fall about...
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Troubled Teens Find Academic Success

Here are some of the comments from a resent Parent Seminar that I wanted to share regarding Oxbow Academics:   “Just wanted you to know that the time we spent with Jacob’s teachers was all we needed.  They were nothing short of fantastic!...
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Sexual Abuse and the Story of DJ

When Brita led the horse out of the trailer I was astounded. I had never seen such a weak, mangy looking animal in my life. I couldn’t believe the horse was able to stand on his own.  His ribs stuck out and his coat was in patches. There were scars...
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The Next Chapter

The mother of one of our wonderful graduates sent this message today: Hello,  I just finished looking over some blogs on the website..It brings tears to my eyes to see the stories becasue they hit me so close in the heart.  I felt some things on my...
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Not Your Father’s ‘Playboy’

The Good Men Project, an on-line magazine, recently published a powerful article entitled “Boys and Porn: It Ain’t Your Father’s ‘Playboy'”.   Author Marnia Robinson discusses today’s “super porn” and...
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